Who we are

Some words about us

DPIPRO has technical staff with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of networking, cybersecurity and graphic design. We help our customers and partners to solve their problems with tailor-made solutions, making them more competitive and able to face their daily challenges.

Our values are part of our identity as an organization and we won't given up on them:


Fair and loyal behavior, based on confidentiality and social responsibility.


We develop a culture of internal well-being that is reflected in the relationship with our customers and partners


The problems and challenges of customers and partners are ours too. Together We Do, Share and Grow

What we do

Our areas of expertise

Focus is one of the factors of our success, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to these business areas:


How exposed is your company to cyber risk? Does it comply with the GDPR? If you don't know the answer to these questions, contact us ...

Design and Webdesign

We create ads, posters, logos, labels and other marketing materials. We develop and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of websites guaranteeing availability, reliability, security, performance and compliance with the regulation.

Business Continuity

All business activity is subject to constraints, interruptions or adverse situations that hinder or prevent its operations. Does your company have a contingency plan?

How we do

Passionate about what we do

We are focused on the growth and quality of our actions. Every step is important for us to do the right things and do it well....


It's the way to build knowledge, is the basis for the human and technological progress of Customers and Partners. We took this process very seriously ...


For each project, we define an objective strategy and list the tasks to be performed, this step plays a key role to the customer's decision-making process.


After the proposal was awarded, we proceeded to execute the plan, taking the necessary actions to perform each of the tasks. The customer follows the process.


The last but not the least. We analyzed parameters such as performance, security, stability and usability. Based on the results, the necessary corrections are carried out.


Together we make it happen...

We invite you to request an assessment of your case. Please provide us with as much information as possible, help us to provide an excellent service.

Rua do Tronco, 375
4465-275 S. Mamede Infesta, Portugal